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'By the Stream' - For the Very Young

The gentle musical trickling of a little stream accompanied by distant bird song creates a beautifully soothing and calming atmosphere.

'By the Pond' - For the Very Young

Track 1: Ducks, geese and woodland birds accompanied by gentle water ripples creates a very tranquil atmosphere.

Track 2: Just the gentle ripples at the waters edge (the birds have gone to bed).

Calming and soothing.





'In the Meadow' - For the Very Young

Birds, bees and butterflies in the warm summer sunshine. A ‘near to nature’ experience - peaceful, calm and relaxing.


'In the Garden' - For the Very Young

A very warm and comforting recording of garden bird song with a distant stream, a little water fountain and the occasional sounds of delicate bamboo wind-chimes - very soothing and peaceful.


'By the Sea' - For the Very Young

Imagine the sounds of the waves gently caressing a soft sandy beach - the cool water, the warmth of the sun - a distant gull set against a clear blue sky.


Peaceful Nature Sounds for Children

. . . Discover some of the world's most relaxing music & nature sounds

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These recordings have been specially selected from existing natural sound albums as being most appropriate 'for the very young’. They are all of a gentle, calming and peaceful nature,

especially when played softly - encouraging our young to embrace the natural world.

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