“David Sun’s new CD finds him at a new peak of composing

with an infusion of beauty and delicate grace.”

- Lloyd Barde, California Review

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Titles from the David Sun Music & Natural Sounds Library are available to license for use in film and television productions. To explore what’s available, please see and enquire below.



1. 'New Beginnings' - Duration: 11:06 - Vibe: Dreamy, Dramatic and Passionate

2. Joyful Spirit - Duration: 2:48 - Vibe: Joyful, Dreamy and Melancholic

3. Summer's Journey - Duration: 8:20 - Vibe: Curious, Energetic and Playful

3. Spectra - Duration: 11:52 - Vibe: Vigorous, Freewheeling and Dramatic

4. Midnight Sun - Duration: 4:14 - Vibe: Pensive, Heartfelt and Passionate

6. Passionata - Duration: 6:32 - Vibe: Intense, Yearning and Passionate

7. Morning's Promise - Duration: 3:31 - Vibe: Pensive, Romantic and Hopeful

8. Meditation - Duration: 3:25 - Vibe: Reverent, Peaceful and Meditative

Album spotlight: 'Joyful Spirit' (Solo Piano)

“Filled to the brim and overflowing with new beginnings,

assurance and fulfillment”

- Lloyd Barde, California Review

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Album spotlight: 'Music for a Quiet Mind'

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1. 'Prelude Con Spirito' (Solo Piano) - Duration:  4:56 - Vibe: Mellow, Playful, Childlike.

2. 'Garden in the Rain' (Solo Piano) - Duration: 4:12 -  Vibe: Joyful, Childlike, Delicate.

3. 'Sentimiento' (Strings) - Duration: 5:06 -  Vibe: Elegant, Reflective, Majestic.

4. 'Music for a Quiet Mind' (Solo Piano) - Duration: 7:18 -  Vibe: Serene, Peaceful, Gentle.

5. 'Good Vibrations' (Solo Piano) - Duration: 6:09 - Vibe: Vibrant, Energetic, Dynamic.

6. 'Light Awakening' (Strings) - Duration: 5:13 - Vibe: Tender, Caring, Heartfelt.

7. 'Morning's Prayer' (Strings) - Duration: 4:18 - Vibe: Reverent, Meditative, Uplifting.

8. 'This Precious Moment' (Solo Piano) - Duration: 5:03 - Vibe: Introspective, Pensive, Soulful.

9. 'Distant Echoes' (Solo Piano) - Duration: 7:03 - Vibe: Lilting, Pastoral, Reflective.

10. 'Jesu, Joy of Mans' Desiring' - Impromptu Variations (Solo Piano) - Duration: 7:32 - Vibe: Reverent, Serene, Dynamic.

11. 'A Gentle Breeze' (Solo Piano) - Duration: 1:52 - Vibe: Soothing , Yearning, Dreamy.

12. 'Benediction' (Piano & Choir) - Duration: 5:11 - Vibe: Beautiful, Peaceful, Reverent.

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David's music has been successfully used in a variety of screen and television productions, mainly in Europe and America, such as "ER" and the ITV commercial 'Discovering Nature'. A Gold disc was awarded to David  for his top-selling CD 'Tranquility', which spent a number of weeks in the top 10 of the classical charts. Worldwide record sales of David Sun's compositions now stand at over 5 million.

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